Reiki Energy Healing

Sacred Geometry Oracle Reading:
Sacred geometry is the language of creation. It has been described as the architecture of the universe because of its presence in all things. An essential understanding of these patterns allows us to attain harmonic alignment of heart, mind, and spirit and a deeper connection to Source. This reading can be used as a navigational tool towards conscious evolution; it illuminates the gateway between our physical body and the subtle realms.

Spirit Animal Oracle Reading:
Spirit animals are messengers that bring forth influential insights to the subconscious mind.  They carry a type of nurturing medicine for the soul in the form of guidance, lessons, protection, power, and/or wisdom. Tapping into the energy of our kindred animal friends brings understandings that strengthen our purpose and provide direction for our life's journey.

Transforming Your Light Oracle Reading:
“Within you is a light of a thousand suns” -Robert Adams

These cards serve as portals that connect our inner light to the expression that is the universe.  They are remembrances of the star within. They have the power to activate transmissions of your truest self and reveal what your soul is calling you to do.

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