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Black Sky

The Journey


I think it happens like this often, the beginning is physical. We are tangible beings wanting to see the evidence of our practice. We are trained in the art of physicality.

Yet, we are more than these bodies. And so the sails shifted in-wards and up-wards and out-wards.  Inside, I saw myself as a cosmic being. Upwards I lifted the expansiveness of my soul, until I was ready to outwardly find myself in a place of helping others; amplifying love through amplifying my inner strength and power.”


“It will feel like you are remembering something you always knew.” And so I shifted my sails and altered my trajectory all together. In the deep stillness that I was, I deviated from what society, my environment and upbringing had built; I recognized myself as something more than the person I was living as. Peeling away the aspects that were limiting my growth I underwent many transformations —  learning about the fine tuning/the inner workings/ the sophistication of the human body, understanding about connection and the creation of neural pathways and cellular regeneration.

The Yoga Trapeze spoke to my ring leader, helping me to deeply connect and feel into my body. I slowed down, micro movements, articulation. I built strength and balance and began a physical journey of alignment.

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