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Black Sky

Activating Your Merkaba Field Course

5 weeks  |  1.5 Hr Sessions  |  $333
Dates:  TBD

We are made of universal intelligence, here to generate an alignment of energies that links us to our true path. We create this alignment; we don’t find it. When the mind, body, and soul integrates, it becomes the power of the universe. In this course, you will learn how to become a creator rather than an effective reactor in the world.

  • Understanding your innate signature energy frequency

  • Accessing the internal navigational system to interpret energy

  • Enhancing the senses to intuitively translate messages 

  • Expressing creativity, flow, and personal power from a direct connection to Source energy

  • Utilizing tangible tools to provide evidence to link synchronicities in the physical and spiritual planes

  • Building intentional practices that accentuate into visible realities and manifestations

  • Sustaining alignment through channeled knowledge and ritual

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