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Black Sky

As we deepen the practice of understanding ourselves, we enhance the awareness of our fundamental connection and unity with all things: other people, animals, plants, the wind, the stars, the trees, the earth. This truth resides within a deep wellspring of knowing. We exist as a flourishing community of beautiful beings with different skill sets; co-creating by tapping into the intelligence that connects the mind, body and soul in a rhythm that serves the highest form of “being” on this unique planet. I assist the world to see, holding space to reflect this truth to others, providing insight.

We are not here to do someone else’s life, but are here to walk our own special path. To do this, we must nurture our soul into its fullness, take ownership of our remarkable power and gifts, and arrive at the conclusion that everyone has a seat and that there are no “best” seats. We are the programmers and architects of this existence, always in concert with our highest self.

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